Monday, January 9, 2012

Really really annoyed!!!!

Not with anyone here though!!  While at church yesterday the lady I made a load of cards for asked if I had given anything to someone to pass on to her.  The answer was yes.  She had been in a car accident so was not at the lunch club to get the cards so my sister passed them on to her neighbour who is getting on in years.  She forgot who had given her the cards, plucked a name out of the card makers she knew and gave them to this woman who accepted them as hers and proceeded to sell some of them to the person they were meant for.  I can tell you now I did not feel very christian on Sunday morning.  I couldn't concentrate on the preacher for plotting my revenge if only I was brave enough.  The woman who claimed my cards as hers is mentally challenged except where making a buck is concerned.  Gggrrrr!  I am leaving it up to the original person the cards were made for to try and salvage the mess.  The money from the cards was meant for one of the charities supported by our church.  Sorry to have gone on but I'm still seething that anyone could mistake my cards for her scruffy efforts  and I can't really explode at church now can I.  Right now that's of my chest I shall upload another card and fat page for your perusal
Anne xxxxx

Avery quick card using a recycled image


  1. A beautiful card Anne, lovely bit of recycling :o)
    I can understand your anger but the deed is done now so don't upset yourself over it. Just be sure not to use a third person in future....hugs
    Jackie xx

  2. Hi Anne, I can understand your anger, remember you cant trust everyone, even in the church community, your card is beautiful, I like the pansys and the colour.
    Kevin xx

  3. Beautiful card, I really love the colours.

    So sorry to hear about your troubles. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who live without a conscience. Just remember there are lots of good people too. x